The Founder's Statement

founders statement

THE KAAF University College was incorporated in 2006 under the Companies Code, Act 179 of 1963.

According to Mr Michael Aidoo, the Founder of KAAF University College, three (3) things prompted him to establish the University College.

  1. He realized that over many years, of working experience with various engineers, that there were Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates who sometimes proved more efficient than BSc. degree holders. The former were being discriminated against in terms of remuneration because they did not possess degrees. He therefore hopes to help such HND certificate holders to obtain the necessary engineering degrees in order to improve their performances and to improve upon their earnings.
  2. He hoped to help increase the number of engineers in the country. He decided to establish the College in Accra because there are institutions and organizations in the metropolitan area that had laboratories which could be accessible to the students of the college.
  3. The founder felt that lecturers in the engineering section need to have an alternative apart from KNUST.